About the D400 Fund


The D400 fund was formed in 2003. At that time, 50050 was in the pool of locomotives operated by Deltic 9000 Locomotives Limited. The fund was simply a bank account for 50050. In 2004 after DNLL cease to be, the D400 Fund took over as custodians of the loco on behalf of its owner Dutch railwayman and preservationist Harry Schneider.

There is no membership scheme as such. The Fund is an informal group of friend of both 50050 and Harry Schneider. We hold the locos bank account and insurance. Anybody who contributes to 50050 in any way is considered a member of the D400 Fund.

50050 is preserved at the Yeovil Railway Centre, Yeovil Junction Station, Somerset. The loco is being restored to all over blue as 50050.

The group can be contacted by email, D400fund@d400fund.org.uk or by post:
D400 Fund,
5 Brambling Drive,
OL13 9QJ.

Photo. A. Fuller